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Title: Eeephus Pitch and Windup
Post by: JoeC on March 16, 2021, 12:36:24 PM
I'd never seen film of Rip Sewell's famous pitch. It was used commonly up to 1903. 40+ years later, the Pirates' Rip Sewell resurrected it. Anyone know how often in a count that Sewell would throw this pitch? Did he use it like a knuckle ball pitcher used his knuckler? Or, was it only used rarely?

Williams really had a distinctive Home Run trot. When he first came up, he literally sprinted around the bases, always with his head down.

I think this HR by Ted was the first and only HR Sewell ever gave up using that pitch in hundreds of appearances. (

Check out Bobo Newsom's windup at around 35 seconds into this short silent film clip. Never seen anything like it. (

Title: Re: Eeephus Pitch and Windup
Post by: Robb_K on March 16, 2021, 06:52:10 PM
I never saw Rip Sewell pitch in a live game, but had seen a fair amount of film of him.  Didn't Sandy Koufax experiment with an Eephus pitch for a while?  I remember that there were a couple of pitchers in the late '40s and early '50s who used Eephus pitches.  I think they were long-time old veterans and spot starters, here and there.  They were control, junk pitchers.  I can't remember exactly who they were.  Bobo Newsome and Satchel Paige I remember using it.  Also, Phil Niekro experimented with it, and taught it to Pascual Perez. 

But, I have a lingering memory of a fairly good reliever in the '50s, who used it regularly, and I was shocked as its slowness, and how it went up so high and he had the control with it to have its trajectory perfect for crossing the plate in the strike zone (albeit somewhat high in the zone, so that hitters swung with an uppercut, but couldn't seem to meet the ball.  If they did make some contact, if they undercut it they would pop it up, or just foul it off, and later strike out trying to meet it solidly, or miss it altogether, and strike out.  My friends and I experimented with trying to get it over the plate in the strike zone and hit it.  Both were hard to do.  But, on the surface you would guess that Major League hitters should be able to wait on it and clobber such a pitch almost every time.  I also remember a late '50s - early '60s reliever who used it.  I can remember Harry Caray describing it.

Title: Re: Eeephus Pitch and Windup
Post by: bklynmike101 on March 17, 2021, 11:30:46 AM
Steve Hamilton, early 60's Yankee reliever, used the eephus pitch on occasion, to my great amusement. he often had good results with it, though not always.